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What is your "speak"?

Your "speak" encompasses all the methods you use to communicate your thoughts, feelings and ideas to the world.  We generally communicate with our words, our actions, our voice, and our body language.  The Use Your Speak system will teach you how to  convey your ideas in a more purposeful, confident and empowered way.   Whether you desire to speak on a stage, run a meeting, or just be better at communication, facilitator and founder Horace Buddoo will teach you well-researched and practical ways to grow as a communicator and show you how to apply these methods in any communications setting.  

Black Speakers Network
Master Classes

We conduct master classes on various topics of communication throughout the year. 


We conduct one-on-one coaching sessions to facilitate your personal goals for more effective communication.

Group Coaching

We conduct group sessions for organizations looking to improve their collective communication skills.

Spoken Word

If you are an aspiring spoken word artist we can help you to give a more authentic and moving performance.

Executive Coaching

Learn how to effectively lead and galvanize your team with your good communication skills. We will empower you with the tools to unlock your team's potential.

Debate Coaching

Effective communication is a success skill that every child should learn.  We'll give your child skills schools aren't teaching.



Suzette Maylor

Television Host,

Speaker, Attorney

"Horace is a master at bringing out your best as a speaker.  The difference between a "good" and a "great" presentation is a coach that can pinpoint and fine-tune your weaknesses.  Horace is phenomenal at given detailed personal feedback, allowing even the best speaker to unlock her potential."


Dre Baldwin

Author, Athlete,


“Horace was a great coach in helping me prepare for my talk. He helped me uncover key insights from my own experiences that helped me formulate a great presentation that people still compliment me on to this day. Horace is really skilled at seeing what his clients cannot see and communicating that to them."

Dr. Shuttlesworth2_edited_edited.jpg

Angela Shuttlesworth, Ph.D

Leadership & Organizational

Development Strategist

"I was blown away after our first call.  Horace's experience exposed me to strategy and language that I was not aware of before our meetings. If you're looking for an expert to provide consulting services in creative approaches within education and mindfulness, or you desire a speaking coach - he is the certified truth!

Black African-American speaker


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